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Thursday May 04
Raum Mannheim
Stereoscopic Thrill Rides
Jeff Kleiser, Co-founder and CEO, Kleiser-Walczak Studios

Jeff Kleiser will present two stereoscopic location-based projects, "Santa Lights Up New York" (Radio City Music Hall) and "Corkscrew Hill" (Busch Gardens).

Jeff Kleiser’s pioneering work in computer animation has spanned the history of the medium. He has contributed to films with groundbreaking visual effects including "Tron", and "Stargate". He served as senior visual effects supervisor on "The One". More recently, Kleiser has supervised visual effects in "Exorcist The Beginning", "Son of the Mask", and "Fantastic Four".
With Diana Walczak, Kleiser has directed ambitious CG-animated stereoscopic films for projects such as the Thea and EDDY Award-winning "Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man" thrill ride (for Universal's Islands of Adventure theme park in Orlando, Florida); the Philip Glass/Robert Wilson digital opera, "Monsters of Grace", "Santa Lights Up New York" for "The Radio City Christmas Spectacular", and "Corkscrew Hill" an original ride attraction written by Kleiser and Walczak for Busch Entertainment.

Jeff Kleiser
Co-founder and CEO
Kleiser-Walczak Studios

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