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Saturday May 06
Focus Asia: Creating Animated Intellectual Property in India
Kireet Khurana, CEO, 2NZ Animation CO., Climb Media PVT. LTD

I shall be delving into the the history of the nascent animation industry in India, its startup attempts at indigenous animation, problems and possible roadmaps. I will be showcasing our company works, comparing outsourcing models with indigenous animation movements in the country and its distinct identities.

High- Honours graduate from Sheridan College, Canada in Classical animation, Kireet has more than 15 assorted awards for his various short films including 5 President's National awards. He has collaborated with International bodies like the National Film Board of Canada and UNICEF International to make award-winning short films. He is also the creator and director of the animation series "Adventures of Chhota Birbal" (premiered on Cartoon Network in 2003). This award-winning series has the distinction of being the first animated character to be licensed. He is also a columnist with leading magazines in Indian and has written for, Zagreb Film Fest., Annecy festival and others.

2nz Animation Co. was formed in 1996 (part of parent co. Climb Films formed in 1971). 2nz is one of India's premier animation and production companies, having produced ads for more than 300 ad films for leading brands like Kelloggs, Unilever, Pepsi, Coke etc. and has won around 15 awards for its short films, music videos and animation series "Adventures of Chhota Birbal". 2nz has also executed prestigious web based projects for leading brands. For more info visit

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