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Saturday May 06
Raum Reutlingen
Filmakademie: Making of "ITFS Trailer"
Thilo Ewers/, Waldemar Fast/, Thomas Hinke/, Moritz Mayerhofer/, Jan Locher/, Hannes Appell/, Holger Wenzl/, Sebastian H. Schmidt/

Thilo and Waldemar will present the making of "ITFS-projectorflame". This short movie is a traditionally animated trailer for the Festival of Animated Film Stuttgart 2006 (ITFS). It is about a flame that is captured in a film projector. It has to create the light for the moving pictures. The Flame breaks out and turns the viewers in the cinema into something or someone they always wanted to be. With traditional and new digital tools, our team created a 50's-like retrolook.

In the making of "ITFS-Gockel", Thomas shows the process from idea to final trailer and explains the way he worked combining roughly hand-drawn animation with colouring on different ambient-, diffuse- and highlight-layers, to get more perspective in the 2d-image.

Moritz and Jan will talk about "ITFS-CAPs". The animation was produced as a trailer for the ITFS. The concept was to produce a short film that would work on its own. They wanted to create a dark and cold athmosphere where one goofy character spoils an old tradition, but brings the warmth and the color back into the world.

Hannes, Holger and Sebastian, the team behind the episodic "ITFS-Kuhfo"-trailer will show their creative process from first sketch to finished product. The presentation will cover design decisions, the realization in Maya and the technical challenges using the Nvidia Gelato Renderer to create the udder ridiculous 3D cartoon world of jumping cows and weird ufos.

The same presentation is also scheduled for Wednesday, May 3th, 11:00, Bertha-Benz-Saal

Since 2001 Thilo Ewers has been working as Freelancer for visual effects, postproduction, film/tv- design, concepts and assistence for commercial-spots.
Clients: Elektrofilm, BBDO, BakeryFilms, Deutsche Post, RTL, Columbia Tristar, CreaTV, Typhoon, EMI.
In 2003 he began to to study at the „Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg“ at the department of animation and visual effects (estimated diploma 2007).

Thilo Ewers

From 2002-03 Waldemar Fast did advanced training in animation at the international Filmschool (IFS) Cologne, Germany. In 2003 he began studying at the „Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg“ at the institute of animation and visual effects.

Waldemar Fast

Thomas Hinke participated in a one-year-program for animation and digital graphic and specialized in 3d-animation. Before, he was studying engineering for 2 semesters. In 2003, he started his studies in animation and visual effects at the institute for animation of the Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg,

Thomas Hinke

Together with a couple of friends Moritz Mayerhofer founded the film-community SOFTbimage in 1996 and since then created a series of short films that were shown at various national and international festivals. Since October 2003 he studies animation at the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg in Ludwigsburg. In 2005 he was a Jury member at Zlín International Filmfestival, Czech Republic and at Roshd International Filmfestival, Iran. His films include "Katharsis" (1998), "The Last Tree" (2003), "the Christmas-Hitler" (2005) and "CAPs" (2006).

Moritz Mayerhofer

Jan Locher started his career in animation with a Further Education Program in Classical Animation at the IFS (International Film School in Collogne). He gained experience during Internships at Bavaria Animation(1997), Animation school hamburg(2002) StudioSteinmetz (2003) and did several illustrations for the web, newspaper and storyboards. Since 2003 he is studying at the Filmacademy Baden-Wuerttemberg traditional and computer-animation, his recent works are: Icarus (2002, 2D Animation), "Countdown"(2003, Claymation) festival winner at CineExperimental in Madrid and SiCAF 2005, "The Propellerbird" (2004/2005, Classical Animation/Computer) screened at the Belinale 2005 during the 29th Kid's Film contest, and "CAPs" (3D animation, 2006).

Jan Locher

Hannes Appell worked for NBC Europe in Duesseldorf. During his 3 years at the company, he worked as a games journalist, editor and as post-production/graphics artist for the On Air Promotion of the company. Since 2003 he has been studying animation & visual effects at the institute for animation at Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg.

Hannes Appell

Holger Wenzl studied informatics at the University of Applied Siences in Berlin. In 2003 he recieved the diploma in informatics. Since fall 2005 he studies animation & visual effects at the institute for animation of the Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg.

Holger Wenzl

Sebastian H. Schmidt studied MediaSystems at the Bauhaus University Weimar. He used to work for the Research Project "Artifical Actors" at the Institute for Animation and since fall 2005 he is studying technical director at the Institute. In his recent Diploma Thesis (Bauhaus University Weimar) about "GPU based Real-Time Facial Animation" he explores the capabilities of graphics hardware to achieve more believable facial animations.

Sebastian H. Schmidt
Student TD

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