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Wednesday May 03
Writing for Animation - hosted by Gabriele Röthemeyer
Gabriele Röthemeyer/MFG Baden-Württemberg, Film Funding, Ed Hooks/, Gerhard Hahn/Hahn Film AG, Harald Siepermann/Harald Siepermann Studios, Eberhard Junkersdorf/Munich Animation Film GmbH, Armin Toerkell/

Gabriele Roethemeyer, the managing director of the regional film funding, is hosting a panel on "Writing for Animation" in the field of feature-length animated films and television series. Topics addressed will be on the ideal script for an animated film, what the script writer has to be aware of regarding the animation later on, and what genres are suitable for animated films. The panel is supported by the Film and Media Festival Company and by the Institute of Animation, Visual Effects and Digital Post Production

After studying German literature, dramatics and journalism in Munich, Gabriele Röthemeyer became a freelance author with Bayrischen Rundfunk. Since 1975 she has been an editor and produced feature authors for the NDR (ZDF) educational program, from 1982 - 1989 dramatist and producer of different television/film productions (FFP Hamburg, PROVOBIS and others), and from 1990, freelance feature author and director for culture and film editor teams (altogether 20 productions). Since October 1995, she is the Managing Director Medien- und Filmgesellschaft Baden-Württemberg mbH, division film promotion.

Gabriele Röthemeyer
Managing Director
MFG Baden-Württemberg, Film Funding

ED HOOKS, author of the bestselling book "Acting for Animators", pioneered the teaching of acting theory to animators. He has taught for many major studios, including Disney Feature Animation, DreamWorks/PDI, Lucas Arts, Sony, Valve, Animal Logic, and Electronic Arts. Ed is a regular speaker at conferences worldwide, including GDC and Animex Animation Festival in Teesside England. Ed's newest book is "Acting in Animation: A Look at 12 Films".

Ed Hooks
Actor, Acting Trainer

Gerhard Hahn studied law and social sciences. In 1978 he was co-founder of the concert agency "Aries Music GmbH". He then founded Gerhard Hahn Filmproduction and has written and directed numerous TV series and feature films since 1989. Most recently, he was involved in the pre-produciton for "Happily N´Ever After" and "Ozzie".

Gerhard Hahn

Hahn Film AG

Harald Siepermann studied Art and Illustration at the Folkwang School in Essen and started working for advertising agencies in Düsseldorf, London and Zürich. After publishing his comic strip “Alfred J. Kwak”, Harald Siepermann started to work as a Character Designer and Storyboarder on the Walt Disney / Steven Spielberg Production “Who Framed Roger Rabbit ?” directed by Robert Zemeckis and Richard Williams. In 1988 he designed the 52 - part television series “ALFRED J. KWAK” based on his own comic strips, which won many awards worldwide including the Golden Camera in 1990. Harald Siepermann currently works as a Freelance Character Designer at both Walt Disney Feature Animation, and Dreamworks SKG in Los Angeles.

Harald Siepermann
Art Director
Harald Siepermann Studios

In 1973 Eberhard Junkersdorf, together with Volker Schloendorff and Reinhard Hauff, founded Bioskop film. Since then, Bioskop Film GmbH has produced over 50 features, many of which were distinguished at national and international festivals with top prizes, for example: "Desire", " Der Alte Affe Angst ", "Colleen Murphy", or "Enigma". In 1995, Eberhard Junkersdorf created the animation studio, Munich Animation. The latest animation project "Till Eulenspiegel" (2003), an adaptation of the fairy tale of the same name, was also directed by Eberhard Junkersdorf.

Eberhard Junkersdorf
Munich Animation Film GmbH

Armin Toerkell holds a diploma in Marketing and Design, since 1984 he has been working as a writer, journalist, producer and director. His recent projects are "Nick+Perry", "Der kleine König Macius", "Little Amadeus" and "TOM" (work in progress).
In 2005 he received the Ravensburger Medienpreis for "Die Welt von Jan und Elke“. In 2003 the RIAS-TV-Prize for "New York - Music in the Underground" ( "New York - Musik im Untergrund“). In 1986 he received the prestigious Adolf-Grimme-Preis for a program about Aids.

Armin Toerkell
Writer, Journalist, Producer and Director

Hahn Film Produktionen has worked on numerous German projects in the past, such as: " Werner- Beinhart ", "Asterix in America", "Abrafaxe", "Happily N'Ever after" - SIMSALAGRIMM AT) and "Ozzie".

The MFG Filmförderung is an advisory centre for the film and cinema in the state. Culturally outstanding film productions for cinema and television are promoted. The promotion spectrum starts with the film script and stretches over production preparation, production and post production through to film rental and a target orientated cinema promotion.

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