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Friday May 05
Invisible Effects - The Building Blocks of Seamless Visual Effects
Kelly Port/Digital Domain, Matthias Wittmann/Digital Domain

We will explore the tools and methods used to create the visual effects in "Stealth", "I,Robot" and several other projects. Included will be a look into Digital Domain's proprietary software tools, EnGen, a procedural terrain generator, Storm, a volumetric renderer and Nuke, a multi faceted compositing tool.

Kelly Port is a Digital Effects Supervisor at Digital Domain and has worked on an impressive body of work for the Company. His most recent project was for Rob Cohen’s action film “Stealth,” where he was tasked with creating photo-real air combat sequences. Prior to this project, he held the position of Associate Visual Effects Supervisor for Paramount’s “Star Trek: Nemesis,” the tenth installment of the immensely popular franchise. Kelly also lent his Digital Effects Supervisor skills to the signature water horse sequence for “Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring” and served as CG Supervisor for the films “The Italian Job,” “Red Planet” and “Supernova.” For James Cameron’s Academy Award® winning film “Titanic,” Kelly was a Lead Visual Effects Artist.

Kelly Port
Digital Effects Supervisor
Digital Domain

Matthias Wittmann is an animation lead at Digital Domain and currently working on Academy Award® director Clint Eastwood's “Flags of Our Fathers”. Before joining Digital Domain the former “Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg” student worked as a freelance character animator. After two years as VFX-supervisor at ELEKTROFILM (in Berlin) he joined Digital Domain as a character animator for “I,Robot” which was nominated for the Academy Award® in Visual Effects. Since then he has worked on “Aeon Flux”, “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” and several commercials.

Matthias Wittmann
Animation Lead
Digital Domain

In its 13-year history, Digital Domain has won five Academy Awards®: two for Achievement in Visual Effects ("Titanic" and "What Dreams May Come"), and three for Scientific and Technical Achievement (for the Company’s proprietary compositing software, NUKE, for its proprietary 3D tracking software, TRACK and for its volumetric renderer STORM). The Company has also been nominated for three additional Academy Awards® for Achievement in Visual Effects ("I, Robot", "Apollo 13" and "True Lies").

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