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Wednesday May 03
Raum Karlsruhe
TV Buyers: The growing CCTV Animation
Fan Ling, Director, CCTV / Animation Department Children's Programming Center

In her presentation, Fan Ling will talk about the status of CCTV´s animation and its role in the Chinese animation scene. She will also speak about the reality of CCTV Animation, its major productions and its programme. The last point of Fan Ling´s presentation will be international co-productions in CCTV´s animation programme.

After graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Science majoring Space Electronics in 1982, Mrs. Fan got her Master’s Degree in Medicine with the major in Biomedical Electronics. In 1987, Mrs. Fan started her career in research and application of animation technology. Based on the work experience in the following ten years, Mrs. Fan worked as a technical supervisor for animation productions from 1996 to 2003. Since 2004, she has engaged herself in production management. Throughout these years, Mrs. Fan put all her efforts into the animation industry. She is the Vice chairman of the China Animation Association, Vice chairman of China Cartoon Artist Association, and Visiting Professor of Beijing Film Academy.

Founded in 1991, CCTV ´s Animation Department is China’s most productive institution in animated programs, a unit involving animation creating, production and broadcasting. Its professional team consists of nearly 200 animation specialists in creating and producing, more than 20 animation directors, and equipment such as action catching, Maya, XSI, USAnimation, Flame etc.. This enables CCTV ´s Animation Department to produce various kinds of animated programs (including high-definition TV program) with an annual production of 6000 minutes in total.

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