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Wednesday May 03
Digital moving-image illustrations with the example of "Der Räuber Hotzenplotz"
Jürgen Schopper, Professor , Arri Film & TV Services GmbH

Planning, development, design, co-operation with the company upp, production of VFX shots and final DI Colour Grading.

Professor Jürgen Schopper (born 1968) studied painting, design and digital picture design. He worked as a freelance computer animator and as production designer for film and TV productions, before, in 1995, he started working on the Hollywood production "Independence Day" as a computer animation artist. Afterwards, he was back in Germany working as a Visual Effects Consultant. He worked at ARRI Digital Film for three years as Visual Effects supervisor before becoming Creative Director in 2000. As CD, he is in charge of film productions and large events. He lectures at many universities as well as trade fairs and congresses. Beside articles for magazines and technical periodicals, he has also written two books. In 2001, Jürgen Schopper was appointed professor at the GEORGE-SIMON-OHM FACHHOCHSCHULE NÜRNBERG. He teaches "film & animation" in the design department.

Jürgen Schopper
Arri Film & TV Services GmbH

The ARRI Group is the world's largest manufacturer and distributor of motion picture cameras, digital intermediate systems, and lighting equipment. In its 80 year history, ARRI has been a constant innovator, introducing revolutionary technologies. The ARRI Group consists of the Business Units Camera, Lighting, Digital and Services. The Business Unit Camera offers a complete range of 16 and 35 mm film cameras, lenses and accessories, including the ARRICAM and ARRIFLEX camera systems and Zeiss lenses made exclusively for ARRI. The latest additions include the ARRIFLEX 23 film camera, Master Primes lenses, the Wireless Remote System and the digital HD camera ARRIFLEX D-20. For ARRI's many contributions to the film industry, it has received 11 scientific and engineering awards from the Academy of Motion Pictures, Arts and Sciences as well as numerous other prizes.

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