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Wednesday May 03
Chris Landreth Retrospective
Chris Landreth, Computer Animator, Rogers

We will be screening Chris Landreth`s three short films "Ryan", “The End“ and ”Bingo“. Chris will be present and give an introduction to each of the three.

Chris Landreth has already made animated film history, even though he has so far “only“ produced three short animated films. The reason for this, however, is not so much the many awards that he has won for “The End“ (1995), ”Bingo“ (1998) and ”Ryan“ (2004). Even the Oscar for “Ryan“ is not as important for Landreth’s outstanding position in contemporary animation, but rather his fundamental attitude towards the genre: “I am not interested in achieving computer graphical photo realism, but using photo realistic elements for another purpose, namely the realism of those unbelievably complex, disorderly, chaotic, sometimes primitive and always conflict-laden characteristics that we call “human nature”. Landreth only began his career as an animator at the age of 30. Before this he worked as an engineer and graduated from the University of Illinois with a Master’s Degree in theoretical and applied mechanics. In 1994 he began working for the software company Alias/Wavefront, where he was mainly involved in developing the programme Maya.

Chris Landreth
Computer Animator

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