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Saturday May 06
The Emotional Divide
Lee Sheldon, Game Designer / Writer, The Adventure Company / DreamCatcher Interactive

Movies and games share many techniques for the creation of an emotional response in their respective audiences. While games can draw on these techniques, the creators of games are developing new ways to excite more from players than a simple adrenaline rush. Games are even better at inciting some emotions, such as fiero, than traditional passive media. This talk will focus on what movies and games have in common when we want to create emotion, and where the two part company. Understanding both mediums is necessary for those of us who cross the emotional divide that appears to stand between them.

Lee Sheldon has written and designed 17 video games including And Then There Were None, The Riddle of Master Lu, Dark Side of the Moon and Wild Wild West: The Steel Assassin. He has worked on massively multiplayer worlds for companies such as Cyan (URU: Ages Beyond Myst) and Disney (Disney's Virtual Kingdom), as well as an experimental multiplayer X-Box project for Microsoft. Before Lee wrote and produced over 200 popular television shows, including Star Trek: The Next Generation and Charlie's Angels. As head writer of the famous daytime serial Edge of Night, he received a nomination for best writing from the Writers Guild of America. His book, Character Development and Storytelling for Games, is being used by game design programs at a growing list of schools. Lee has been twice nominated for Edgar awards by the Mystery Writers of America. He is currently working on a second Agatha Christie video game for DreamCatcher Interactive.

Lee Sheldon
Game Designer / Writer
The Adventure Company / DreamCatcher Interactive

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