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Friday May 05
Digital Noir: The CG Sets of Sin City
Ryan Tudhope, Visual Effects Supervisor, The Orphanage, Inc.

The presentation will focus on the approach and workflow behind the creation of CG environments for Sin City, directed by Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez. Every phase of the process will be broken down and discussed, including reference gathering, layout, modeling, shader development, matte painting procedures and overall lighting and art direction. The talk will focus on how artists relied on a philosophy that creating a believable digital environment requires the simulation of filmmaking, not reality, since audiences expect to see stories told through the lens of a camera.

Ryan Tudhope is a visual effects supervisor for The Orphanage, a leading VFX and film production company based in Los Angeles and San Francisco.
As one of the company’s first employees, Tudhope has taken a leading role in helping grow the organization to over 150 employees. He is currently VFX supervisor on two commercial spots and just completed supervising digital environments for over 100 shots of Bryan Singer’s upcoming Superman Returns.
Tudhope’s other supervising credits include Sin City (Dimension), Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow (Paramount), Hellboy (Revolution), The Adventures of Shark Boy and Lava Girl in 3-D (Dimension), Seabiscuit (Universal), Jeepers Creepers 2 (MGM/UA) and Titan A.E. (Fox). His wide-ranging experience as a visual effects artist includes the Jet Li action epic Hero (Miramax), Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle (Sony), Path to War (HBO) and the ABC mini-series Superfire, which was nominated for an Emmy for Outstanding Special VFX.

Ryan Tudhope
Visual Effects Supervisor
The Orphanage, Inc.

Few entertainment companies embrace the future of filmmaking more passionately than The Orphanage. Founded in 1999 by visual effects veterans of George Lucas’ Industrial Light + Magic, the company based in Los Angeles and San Francisco has become a leading force in high-end visual effects and animation services, motion picture and broadcast production, and filmmaking technology development and licensing.

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