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Thursday May 04
Raum Mannheim
Financing of Computer Game Projects in Germany
Malte Behrmann, Lawyer and Managing Director, Politik GAME e.V.

The production of computer games in Germany has become more complicated. The budgets are rising and the projects can no longer simply be recouped in the domestic market. Network and scale effects ensure that in Germany there is only homeland market share of 5 %. With a growing market it is now time to think about new financing forms which have been used successfully for decades in the film industry, in particular the co-operation with the public sector. While privately financed projects essentially support only existing stereotypes, network effects can be interrupted with the help of public financing. This would not only contribute to larger variety of products offered, it would make the computer game one of the prominent audiovisual medias in the 21st Century.

Malte Behrmann, is an independent lawyer and consultant in Berlin specialized in media and public affairs. During his law studies in Bonn and Munich he worked as an assistant to national MPs and later studied Management de la Communication Audiovisuelle in Valenciennes, France. After graduating from law school in Munich with focus on film and entertainment, he worked as head of legal & development for Pix.Co, Seoul, Korea in the animation business. Today he teaches at Valenciennes University, at the Games Academy and gives seminars at other institutions in France and Germany. He co-initiated the German national association of game developers ( and serves today as its political director. At the moment, he is actively involved in forming a European Game Developer Federation ( His research focuses on funding and distribution systems in Europe for film and games. His most recent publications: Kino & Spiele, Medien in Frankreich und Deutschland, Öffentliche Förderung der Entwicklung von Computerspielen; Der Erfolg von Good Bye Lenin ! in Frankreich, Ibidem- Verlag, Stuttgart, 2005, ISBN 3898214699.

Malte Behrmann
Lawyer and Managing Director
Politik GAME e.V.

The National Association of Game developers has existed for two years. It is an influential group of developing companies and represents 35 of about 50 professional game studios in Germany in the political context (parliament, ministries, other bodies) on regional and European but above all on national level. We are highly implicated in the building of a European organization ( We organize events and support our members in legal and business development matters.

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