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Saturday May 06
Visual Effects 2.0 – The New World of Filmmaking
Scott Coulter, Producer, Founder of Worldwide FX, Worldwide FX

This talk will focus on the challenges of building a major visual effects studio in today´s globalized world. Further points will be bridging cultural differences and developing local talent. Special emphasis will be placed on some of the in-house tools that have been developed to enable high-productivity collaboration worldwide.

Scott Coulter is a visual effects professional with more than 26 years and 150 films in the motion picture industry. He began making creatures in the makeup effects field in 1981. However, in 1993, recognizing that the future of creature effects was digital, Scott set upon a crash course in the then bourgeoning field. He completed his transformation to digital in 1994 with the feature “The Prophecy”. In the late 1990’s, Scott entered the emerging growth market in Eastern Europe, and relocated to Bulgaria in Jan 2001 to build “Worldwide FX”.

Scott Coulter
Producer, Founder of Worldwide FX
Worldwide FX

Originally setup in January 2001 as the digital entity for a Los Angeles based motion picture company, Worldwide FX has grown into a major facility with a staff of more than 125 people. Five years later, Worldwide FX is one of the world’s busiest studios, and has become an influential force in the visual effects industry, defining a new paradigm in VFX management and organization.

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