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Saturday May 06
Focus on Asia: China, a constantly improving market for commercial animation!
James Huang, Producer, Daysview

By using several examples of animated commercials and game animation, I will give an introduction to China´s constant progressing commercial animation industry. I will show the current status such as the personnel and the work flow structure and highlight the differences between the Chinese and Western animation industry. China is at the stage of high speed developing, this is also applicable for the animation industry. I hope I can give attendees some information about China, and help to promote the development of the Chinese animation industry. Like other industries, in animation China needs the world and the world also needs China.

James Huang is one of the first computer animation producers in China. He graduated from Tianjin Institute of Technology, majored in software and is now studying at Beijing Film Academy for Special Visual Effects. His broad experience enables him to make commercial animation from a general angle. He started producing commercials in the year 1992 and has now produced about 400 animation products either by creating them himself or directing. He established DAYSVIEW DIGITAL IMAGE in 1998 which has now become one of the best commercial animation producing companies in China.

James Huang

DAYSVIEW is one of the best commercial animation producing companies in China. Producing excellent visual effects is its core competence and key to winning the market and clients´ trust. Therefore DAYSVIEW is famous in China for its quality and technology. Today the products of DAYSVIEW include commercial advertisement, movie titles, game animation and cartoon animation and the like. DAYSVIEW´s products have won many professional awards in China. We also look forward to working with foreign partners and seek for international cooperation.

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