Racing Beats

Who doesn't know it, car drivers provoking each other at the traffic lights to have a race? But what about such a race with two old and shabby jumbo jets on an airport runway? That sounds more like a film - or a computer game.

"Racing Beats" the new trailer for fmx/06 and as every year, a piece of outstanding work from the students of the Institute of Animation, Filmakademie, Baden-Wuerttemberg. It convinced the juries of various cinematic awards through its idea as well as the successful combination of live action and 3D. The film from two graduates of the Institute of Animation, Steffen Hacker and Alexander Kiesl, was their diploma film and a fictitious commercial for Microsoft Xbox. "Racing Beats" has gone on to win many prizes.

The commercial begins with boyish provocation which leads to a bizarre race between two airplanes on the manoeuvring area. The two planes have a race without any regard to the consequences! In the end, the two initiators - German fans will recognize them as the comedy duo “Badesalz” – loose in a close finish!

The idea for the film came when the two graduates, who were students at the time, were sitting in a plane from Stuttgart to Berlin and could see how the pilots of another machine driving past, greeted the other pilots so heartily that it looked as if the challenge of a race was written all over their faces. Originally, neither a commercial nor so many computer-generated shots were planned – both were the results of a mere 5 weeks of production! As no permission for filming at the airport was given, the two film producers had to fall back on - and process - numerous snapshots of different airport buildings and vehicles which were taken by them on various national flights as well as material from texture shootings from the technical museum in Speyer. The story seemed to continually develop the characteristics of a commercial.
This award winning film reflects the content and thoughts of fmx in a humorous manner and because of this, is the perfect trailer for this year’s conference.


. Download trailer: small (3MB) / big (8MB)

Racing Beats has won the following Awards:

  • Young Director Award 2005 / 1st Place

  • Broadcast Association of Europe Cannes 2005 / Special Jury Award

  • VDW Award (German Commercial Film Producers) 2005

  • Jonio International Filmfestival 2005 / 1st Place Animation

  • Art Directors Club Award / 1st Place Talent of the Year 2005

  • First Steps Young Directors Award 2005 / First Steps Award Commercial

  • Animago 2005 / 3rd Place Main Category, 1st Place Education/Animation

  • Interfilm, Berlin / Opening film

  • kurzundschön2005 / 2nd Place Commercial

  • Porsche Young Talents prize International Commercial 2005 / Shortlist

  • Spotlight Festival, Ravensburg 2005 - Spotlight for Students / Jury Gold